Barcelona, you were something..

from the day one,
you were heaven, you were hell,
a breath of fresh air, scars in mainland,
mysteries one cannot tell.

You painted a vivid picture
of the joy and memories,
flashed a light on all your virtues,
just to drench me in your breeze.

you made me feel
more alive I´ve ever been,
carry all this love and passion,
turn it around, take it in.

you put me through
more than I could imagine,
the love of strangers, the buzz in the streets,
take and give,
no release.

The words not spoken
and hugs kept in,
they left us broken?
Return, please!

 And the bliss of drunken nights,
and the heat of yearning sights.
Stranger? Lover? Come on in.
Too close, too far.
Keep breathin’.

when I look back
at all the special memories,
there is nothing I would regret,
not a tear that put me sleep.

Not a laughter that had embraced
every soul met on my way,
not a second of the beauty,
one that took my breath away.



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