It’s been a while since I devoted any attention to this virtual piece of my existence, however, while the blog was quiet my mind wasn’t.

I have been carefully observing the world around me, listening to people, their ideas and experiences, and put together some of the pieces (mine and theirs) that I would like to share with you,

On love

I strive to learn to turn the CO2 into oxygen myself, for myself. Love is abundant. It is not a relative variable. It is like cells. They expand by division. If I give enough love to myself there will be enough love for others.

On numbness

I was afraid of becoming numb. Numb is not good. What is good are highs and lows cause that’s how you know you are truly alive. Numb is a stalemate. A coma. The straight line after your heart beats for the very last time.

I think that the feeling of numbness is a natural way for the organism to protects itself from the pain. When the body cannot handle it anymore, it shuts off. It practically is a stand-by regime with a heartbeat.

On mad people

There are people who pass you when you are wandering in your world, the one where you know every corner, and when the burning fire in your heart does not burn anymore but smolders and puffs.  Then they walk in – those that burn brighter than the sun – they come up suddenly and in a second, they have you! They blow up the flame of old desires and passions, those that you almost forgot you have, and they bring new blood into your veins. All of a sudden the world goes spinning and your heart goes racing and you do all the crazy things and nothing is in control anymore. And it will never be. Cause you saw the world from a new perspective, and the world you knew before will never be the same again.

On living the life

I plunge into the darkness,
all the way down, and float in nowhere
until I  see the stars.

On control

We can never be in full control of what comes in our way. Sometimes we strive to stick with our planned route with all our force. Fighting the currents that are taking us elsewhere. And then we end up weak and beaten-up. How wonderful it would be to lay down in your boat, look at the sky and trust that the flow itself will take you where you need to be.

We pave our road as we go. Every day, we are a subject to millions of changes and processes that are transforming us into a wholly new being. How naive it is to create plans for years ahead? We don’t live in absolute universe. Everything we know and everything we have is dynamic.

But change is our only constant! – Zuzka, my best friend

On traveling

The Globe is round. Doesn’t matter how long you walk, your journey never ends. Instead of falling down over the edge of the world, the worst thing that can happen to you is to fall into a wholly new adventure. For the Globe is round. Thank God.

On “having”

People use to think that the more they have, the happier they are. But that is not true. I gathered a lot in my life and I wasn’t happy. Now I sold it and I am about to live on a boat. My family thinks I got crazy. But this just seems to be the right thing to do at the moment. –
Jorge, my couchsurfing host in Panama

I am on my travels for 4 months now. And I have no money. People say you cannot travel without money. And then, here I am – all happy and alive. – Janey – 19yo. traveler from Mexico

When you have got nothing, you have got nothing to loose. Robbie – 21yo. boy who left his job to be become surfing lecturer – also Bob Dylan

On suffering

People suffer only because they don’t let go of things that cause them pain. If someone harms you and you get really mad at him, who is the one actually suffering? It’s you. Forgive. Let go. And move on. Being stuck in the past keeps you away from being happy.
Danny – spiritual healer from Los Angeles

On integration

Seated in a class
with all these young bright intellectuals,
talking about integration of immigrants,
when nobody,
in this class,
is open to

On loneliness

Today I deleted my facebook… You know, I was trying to find a solution to my loneliness. I was denying it. I was ridiculing it. Then I felt sorry for me. I simplified it. I hated myself. I neglected it. I tried to change perspectives. I meditated. I was thinking of all the good stuff that I should be thankful for. To my surprise, the effect was none. I felt lonely and I couldn’t undo it.

I realized that every time I got hit by this sudden feeling of loneliness, the first thing I do is I click on the Facebook icon on my phone. Or Whatsapp. Or Instagram. I am running round and round through these applications only to suck up a little bit of warmth and care.

I am a thirsty man on a desert.

I look and look. But there is no stream.

The drops of water I drain from the wet sand do not satisfy my thirst.
I search for the stream outside but maybe I am on a wrong address.

It is all.
In me.

Sometimes I get flooded
with so much love
that my heart blows up and bounces off the ground,
but what´s the matter with all this love,
(if there is no one out to give it to.)

Maybe this time, the purpose of your stay is not to be with people, but to be without them. Zuzka

You only can get comfortable around other people when you learn to be happy on your own. Adam

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