Lessons from India – Let yoga in effortlessly

(Featured image: https://lunabuerger.com/). Do you ever wonder why yoga has been getting so much attention in the Western world? The simple answer is – we forgot how to stop. We hopped on a train to the “bright, developed and high-tech future” where everything we need is just within the reach while we are paying for … More Lessons from India – Let yoga in effortlessly


It’s been a while since I devoted any attention to this virtual piece of my existence, however, while the blog was quiet my mind wasn’t. I have been carefully observing the world around me, listening to people, their ideas and experiences, and put together some of the pieces (mine and theirs) that I would like to … More Reflections

A new year’s wish

This year I skipped the occasional message-sending to all my family and friends for the new year, as I felt that the simple outcry “Happy New Year” was far from what I would really like to say. Yesterday when I was watching the fireworks in Prague with my great friends Zuzka and Robo we were wondering … More A new year’s wish