Words of wise travelers

Neglecting my travels for the past 2 years, this page hasn´t been updated much but I promise that more wisdom is waiting for me on the road 🙂

“Of course the sun will rise again. Cause you are one of the people that happen to carry it within.”

(Tom, a friend)

“Maybe this time, the purpose of your stay is not to be with people, but to be without them.”

(Zuzka, 25 – a friend, NGO worker, journalist)

“But change is our only constant.”

(Zuzka, 25 – on a contemplation about difficulties that changes bring into our lives)

“People use to think that the more they have, the happier they are. But that is not true. I gathered a lot in my life and I wasn’t happy. Now I sold it and I am about to live on a boat. My family thinks I got crazy. But this just seems to be the right thing to do at the moment.”

(Jorge, 30 – artist, entrepreneur and my Couchsurfing host)

“People suffer only because they don’t let go of things that cause them pain. If someone harms you and you get really mad at him, who is the one actually suffering? It’s you. Forgive. Let go. And move on. Being stuck in the past keeps you away from being happy.”

(Danny – spiritual healer from Los Angeles)

“You only can get comfortable around other people when you learn to be happy on your own.”


“There is a vast difference between people you can be a friend with and those you can travel with.”

(Carol – 45yo. Canadian traveler)

“I am on my travels for 4 months now. And I have no money. People say you cannot travel without money. And then, here I am – all happy and alive.”

(Janey – 19yo. traveler from Mexico)

“When you have got nothing, you have got nothing to loose.”

(Robbie – 21yo. boy who left his job to be become surfing lecturer – also Bob Dylan)