A new year’s wish

This year I skipped the occasional message-sending to all my family and friends for the new year, as I felt that the simple outcry “Happy New Year” was far from what I would really like tozrn-600x800-e1558125383617 say.

Yesterday when I was watching the fireworks in Prague with my great friends Zuzka and Robo we were wondering what makes people buy all these vibrant exploding fires and blow them up in order to celebrate the beginning of the new year. I mean – it is just a year. And it comes every 365 days.

Eventually we all agreed that the new year is a symbol of a hope, of something new, better, happier, brighter than before, it is a new beginning, a new chance to make yourself and the world you live in a better place.

Realizing how precious the new beginnings are, this is my wish for all of you lovely people out there.

In the year 2017,


I wish we would grab all our courage,

and wouldn’t let a single second slip away.

I wish we would be brave enough to stand up

and take that chance,

take that plane,

go to that interview,

tell the ones we love how we feel.

I wish we would let go of our fears,

and go for what we desire so long.

I wish we would laugh more,

dance more,

love more.

Love as loud and wild as we can.

And I wish we would always be surrounded by people who make us better,

and I wish they knew how much it means.

May yours 2017 be full of love and laugh and happiness.




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