“Experiment Berlin”

So it has been some time since I am back in Europe. Working hard to save some money, I am always happy to grab a chance and run away from the gray working reality to my lovely and colorful traveling world.

This time, I used my weekend off to set for an adventure in Berlin. And not just an ordinary one.

To spice the things up a little, I planned nothing at all. To put it simply, I got at the Berlin ZOB station having absolutely no clue what to do or where to go, waiting for the “winds of unexpected” to lead my roads. And it was so much worth it! See yourself!


05:00 – Opening my eyes. Shutting down the alarm. The big monkey is bouncing in my head on a massive cymbal. Damn it, Kiwi people. I knew the “only one beer” invitation was a lie. As always.

06:15 – Waiting for the bus. Too early to think. Leaving to Berlin with no plans at all still feels like a good idea. “It can´t get too bad. I already have a place to sleep.” I comfort myself.

08:00 –  Turns out it can. Got a notification from Couchsurfing, my original host is canceling the stay for no obvious reason. So now I have no plans and no place to stay. My general information about the whole trip reduces to the fact that I am heading for  Berlin. But I do not panic. I received so many offers to be hosted, sure someone will save my ass tonight. “You got this, girl. Keep it cool.”

10:00 –  No responses. Okay, now I am panicking a little.

12:00 –  Fuck! Still no responses. I am panicking a lot.

14:00 – Arriving in Berlin. As I lost the internet for few hours before, I was hanging in a sweet unconsciousness for the rest of the trip, however, a weird feeling settled in my stomach few minutes before arrival in my destination. I was not that brave anymore. “I want a friend.” Cried a little sobbing voice in my head.

14:30 –  At the station. On 10th attempt, I managed to connect to a wifi. On CS I received an e-mail from Mohammed, asking me if  I am still looking for a place to stay. I briefly checked his references – 25 positive ones. “Yes, please! You would be the best ever!” Mohammed answered quickly, confirming the stay and telling me to meet after 22:30.

15:30 – Found a tube station. Asked a lady selling tickets how to get to the center. She pointed to the huge area on the map, saying it is all center. I sighed a little, covered my eyes and pointed to a random spot on the map. “Potsdamer Platz.” There we go.


15:40 – Getting off the train and going up to the square. Few panels from the old Berlin walls and a soldier in Soviet uniform are peaking right in the middle. I come up to the soldier, saying “Let it go, dude, it is 2016 already!” and soldier Deniz laughs. We talked for 20 minutes. He is a half French and half Crimean, coming every day to this place to suffer in the uniform in 30 degrees just to meet and talk to people from abroad. Impressive.

16:00 – Happily walking toward Reichstag. Meeting young people, passing beautiful old buildings, a Jewish memorial. I feel so happy. Traveling without any plans is simply amazing! *THE BEST-IDEA-EVER*

18:00 – Haven´t heard from my host for several hours. Not answering to messages, not picking up the calls. Maybe I am not that lucky today after all?

19:00 – Sitting in a bistro, chewing my baguette and planning the places to see. When my map is full of rounds and crosses, I contentedly leave the bistro to rock up the streets.

19:20 – My map just disappeared. I swear I had it in my hand like 2 minutes ago. Lost in the streets, I found the nearest tube station and went to one  of the places I remembered from the map.

21:00 – Alone on the Alexander´s Platz. The place is crazy busy. Some people are stopping by to talk to me as they see me alone. Two super hot shirtless sporty Australian boys are banging old buckets and bowls in the middle of the square, making a better performance than Safri Duo. A really nice view. I stay for a while.

21:15 – A young Indian man is inconspicuously coming closer to me. After one minute of standing around, he grabs all his courage and says: “Halo. Sprichst du Deutsch?”

“Not really”. I reply. I wish he was the Australian boy.

“Ah, okey. You are beautiful. I like you.” He stammers in poor English.

“Thanks.” I smile. I am trying to be nice.

“Tomorrow, here. I waiting for you. Come. 7 in the evening.”

“Haha, I doubt that.” I laughed.

“No? Warum no?! You – Come – Tomorrow. Evening. Seven.” Indian insists, getting angry.

“Sure then, tomorrow at 7!” I say and rush away.


21:45 – Meeting my host. Lovely, happy and ordinary guy. We endlessly walk around the town and babble about nothing. After a while, he comes with an idea: “Let´s visit my friend. He is cooking at home.” I freeze a little, not sure if I want to go to the private place with two strange guys. However, I go.

22:30 – The host is sweet. He cooks for us and we have a nice talk. The room is filled with antique and precious Egyptian furniture pieces. “My friends are coming tonight and we head to the club. You can come with us.” He invites me.

I hardly think so. Yesterday´s party with Kiwi people still resonates in me like a bad hangover dream.

23:15 –  The friends came. Now it is exactly 8 Egyptians and me. On the scene come beers, hashish, and cocaine. For a moment I stop, questioning myself what am I doing here. The combination is not exactly where a good girl should be, but I was helpless – I had no idea where in Berlin I was and my host was here. Without him, I could not go anywhere.

01:00 – I persuaded my host to go home to sleep as I was tired. He went, not very willingly, but promising he was okay with that.

01:30 –  Waiting for a tram. My host says: “Just to be clear.. You have in your profile that we can discuss everything, right?” … I swallow surprised. What?!

“What do you mean by discussing everything?!” I could sense something sexual in this talk and I responded angrily. Mohammed understood and let the thing go. Boy, did he just save his neck.

11:00 – New day comes and I am opening my eyes. I had such a great sleep. Finally looking up for what is there to do in Berlin. Later, we are going for a breakfast. Relationship questions come up. He also asks if I ever had something with the host when doing Couchsurfing. “Not really and I do not plan that”. I answered clearly.

Jeez. This guy should really pull back.


19:15 –  Reaching a river bank in the southern center. This is the Berlin I was waiting for. Lots of young people sitting in the parks drinking beer, old Berlin wall covered with a street art, musicians on every corner, chilled atmosphere, and aroma of burning weed all over. The place was busy and happy – but we had to leave. The periodical Saturday CS meeting was waiting.

20:30 – Arriving. A buzzing group speaking many languages was occupying the whole terrace. Couchsurfers! From all around the world! My young lost heart jumped a little. I am sinking into the buzz, smiling ear to ear, eager to hear and share the stories of my soulmates- travelers.

21:30 – Tired. This is the moment when I either have a drink or go to bed. Waiting 20 minutes at the bar, seeking the attention of the bartender, however unsuccessfully.  Maybe I can just sleep right here at the bar for tonight?

21:10 – Finally managed to get my beer. I turn around to search for my host. In the crowd of people at the bar,  out of nowhere, hazy brown eyes and alluring smile of a stranger catch my eyes.

“Hi.” The warm eyes sparkle. I respond almost breathlessly.

22:30 – Runaway. Couchsurfers are running for a pub stroll and we are running from the city lights. Jumping over a fence, walking up the stairs, the night is falling and the stars shine out. The night was young and we were free. And from the moon above our heads, only one question remains hanging:

Why not?

04:00 –  Waiting for a train, the last goodbye. Run through the curls one more time. The world just stops while holding tight – “Maybe see you again sometimes!” I smile. These are the moments that should compose the Life.

04:30 – Back on the Earth, getting off the train. A smart voice says: “Lines s41 and s42 are not operating. Please use another line.” Another line! My brain laughs in defeat. I have no idea where to go.

04:35 – I ask people, but no one can help. They are telling me the names of the train stations I need to get to but I just have no idea. And my phone is dying. I call my host and he promises to come.


05:00 – Sitting on the bench in the station, watching the trains come and leave. People around me change – not that much, though, as they all are equally drunk. But still. First French and then Polish. So many Polish! The only thing that is to be heard is “Kurwa”.  An Afroamerican with ravishing cologne starts talking to me, moving closer. I cannot speak German. Not even French. He gets really annoyed. How on Earth can I not speak any of the languages!?!

06:00 – Mohammed- my host, is coming. I am endlessly thankful. The sun is up and the day is cold. He brings me a warm jacket, water, and chocolate as I did not eat. I hug him tightly – “You are the man of the year!” He smiles.

07:30 – Finally arriving in my host´s place. The adventure is over. No further adrenaline shocks. We get in the elevator and I give him a tired smile. He observes me thoroughly: “I want to eat your pussy.”
I choke.


For the continuation, see my next blogpost about how to handle Couchsurfing and all the strange situations that come along 🙂 Coming soon !

3 thoughts on ““Experiment Berlin”

  1. Please dont generalize this and give us germans a second chance to retrieve. Germans are usually kind and warm-hearted people, who don’t exploit the situation of others. Also they’re way too well educated for such statements and comments. On the other hand Mohammed doesn’t seem very german to me.
    Anyways – Greetings from Munich!


    1. Hello Oliver! In no way I wanted to generalize any bad opinion about Germans – exactly the opposite! I loved Berlin, however the character of the article and the way it was written did not give me much space to express this excitement 🙂 And you are right, Mohammed is Egyptian, however I dont really think it is a nationality that determines this kind of behaviour.


      1. Glad to hear that. I agree. Its not the nationality, but I still have some doubts.
        Unfortunatly something that female lone travellers are forced to face again and again. Anyways, keep us updated with Your travels! 🙂


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